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  • How do I place an order using BlackCart?

    BlackCart works right on top of your favorite online stores so you can browse and add products to your shopping cart as you normally would. Then, on the checkout page, you will automatically see the option to 'Checkout With BlackCart'.

    1. Go to the website of a supported online store via BlackCart
    2. Add products to your shopping cart
    3. Go to the checkout page
    4. Checkout!

  • What can I order, and what can't I order?

    You won't be able to use BlackCart for any non-apparel items (i.e. home supplies, bags, jewelry, makeup, etc), or any pre-sale, final-sale, or otherwise non-refundable items (i.e. undergarments). Other than that, you can use BlackCart to order any apparel items that you want to try on at home. But don't worry, we'll always let you know if there's something in your cart that we can't process!

  • Is there a minimum purchase amount?

    Nope! You can purchase as much or as little of the items that you decide to try - there is no minimum purchase amount when using BlackCart. For some stores, you may be asked to add a minimum amount to your shopping cart to try. If a store has a minimum try amount, you can find it on their shopping cart page.