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BlackCart makes online shopping risk-free, boosting conversions and AOV, while giving your customers a frictionless shopping experience they'll love.

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Increase AOV

BlackCart enables shoppers to try without upfront commitment. BlackCart merchants see an average order value increase of 30% to 45%.

Increase Conversion

BlackCart makes for a seamless user experience, while keeping user inputs at a bare minimum. Improve checkout conversion by up to 50%.

Delight Customers

BlackCart users score higher NPS’s, becoming vocal advocates for your brand. Happier customers who love shopping from you buy more often.

Unparalleled Control

Set item caps, item minimums, exclusions, deposits, try periods, and more. Everything - including design - is customizable.

Real-Time Order Decisioning

During checkout, BlackCart's fraud AI returns a guaranteed decision in real-time. No need to take credit card authorization holds.

Automated Payments

Kept and returned items are reconciled automatically and charged for accordingly - transferred directly to your bank account.

Full Automation

Running a try-before-you-buy program shouldn't be a burden on your customer service team. The entire lifecycle of each order is automated.

Customized to Fit Your Brand

Take control of copy placements, offers, color, messaging, and segmentation - for all devices.

No Credit or Fraud Risk

BlackCart assumes all repayment risk on each transaction, including charge-back risk, with automated settlements regardless of reason.

No Accounting / Fulfillment Changes

BlackCart works seemlessly with your existing order management, fulfillment, returns, and accounting solutions. No changes necessary.

Although I’m a slim woman in my thirties, trying to find bathers in regular outlets in my size with a fuller bust can be quite a challenge, both for lack of modesty or fit. I appreciated the 3 sets try before you buy and the user friendliness of the website for ordering, returning and shipping back unwanted items. It was so easy!

Jess King - Aug. 18, 2019

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